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Company Philosophy and Management Commitment

“Our expertise and knowledge, which has been accumulated over more than 90 years, combined with modern machinery, clean room and state-of-the-art production techniques and the regular training of our team, reflect our strong commitment to the highest quality standards and the strict requirements of pharmaceutical packaging components.
Our approach of continuous improvement leads us to always go further in the improvement of the global quality of our processes and products, notably by continuously improving our means to control and master potential particulate- and bioburden contamination at each step of the production process. 
Our strict commitment to quality and continuous improvement aims not only to meet, but to anticipate and exceed customer requirements and therefore achieve our global goal of absolute customer satisfaction.”

Nolwenn CHESNEL, Quality Manager


Quality Management

As a manufacturer of seals for parenteral pharmaceutical applications, EMA Pharmaceuticals has a strong commitment to quality and manufacturing excellence.

Our QM-system, along with our optimized workflow organization, guarantees the traceability at each step of the manufacturing process. It is supported by electronic monitoring and inspection technology. 

The frequent audits of our customers from leading pharmaceutical companies accompany us in our quality approach. The tight and long-lasting cooperation with our most demanding customers stands for the excellence of our products and services


Since 2003, our quality management system has been compliant with ISO 9001. It also integrates current EU GMP-guidelines, which are implemented and applied throughout the company, leading to our ISO 15378 certification since 2015.

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