Mission, Vision & Values

Quality and Continuous Improvement

Aluminum crimp caps are an important part of the closure system for parenteral drugs. They ensure the integrity of the pharmaceutical container and therefore the safe finishing of the sterile product. 

Every member of our team is aware of the importance of quality requirements towards our final products and services. Capitalizing on our expertise and long experience, we strive to match these highest quality requirements and to apply the highest quality standards of our industry. 

The mastering of every step of the production process; controlling and questioning details, from design to manufacturing, assembling, processing, finishing and packing of the product, is the result of the culture of continuous improvement of a well-trained and highly  motivated team.
A great importance is attached to regularly training our team and continuously renewing and improving our knowledge so that we are able to master innovation.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction drives our team. In our understanding, a customized service which takes into account every customer’s specificities assures a rapid and flexible handling of project implementation, and contributes to the high degree of confidence that our customers have in us.

Team-spirit & Partnership

At EMA Pharmaceuticals, we value the creation and maintenance of a transparent environment with open communication where team spirit is promoted by rewarding team achievements and encouraging participation in the decision making process. 

Towards our suppliers and customers, this same spirit of honest relationship with open communication and a long-term partnership approach is part of our company culture.