Combined aluminum/plastic caps

Push-Off caps combine an alimunium cap with a polypropylene lid.
There is a variety of advantages for the use of this product range:

Increased Tamper Evidence

Once you have pushed off the plastic lid, you cannot put it back into place. Therefore, it becomes evident to the consumer that the product has already been manipulated and its integrity violated.

Increased Ease of use

EMA pharmaceuticals controls and ensures a specified “Push-Off force” of the polypropylene lid, making it easy for the consumer to open the product properly.


Enhanced Safety

Is assured on many levels;

Safety against microbiological or particulate contamination due to an enhanced protection of the injection site.

Enhanced safety against product mix-up due to a customized and recognizable product design.

Enhanced Product Differentiation and Protection against Counterfeiting

Push-Off caps help customize your product. It becomes distinctive, more visible and easily recognizable on the shelf.

Push-Off cap lids are provided in different shapes and dimensions, in a large variety of colors and they are able to be printed on.

This large choice of product customization makes your product unique and protects it against counterfeiting.

20mm PO Min