Combined aluminum/plastic caps

  • Capsule push off perforées /push-cap

    Push-Off Cap

    A whole range at your disposal...

  • Push-Tear-Off Cap /push-tear-cap

    Push-Tear-Off Cap

    The push-tear-off cap is an easily and completely removable seal...



  • SMARTSEAL /smartseal


    SMARTSEAL is an RFID-tagged cap for easy track & trace, serialization, reconciliation and anti-counterfeiting...


Aluminum Caps

  • capsule en aluminium perforée /center-hole-cap

    Center Hole Cap

    The center hole cap provides immediate access to the injection site of the sealed stopper.

  • Complete Tear-Off Cap /complete-tear-cap

    Complete Tear-Off Cap

    The complete tear-off cap is meant to be completely removed.

  • Center Tab Cap /center-tab-cap

    Center Tab Cap

    The center tab cap enhances the safety and tamper evidence of the sealed product by protecting the injection site of the stopper with a removable aluminum tab.


Lined screw cap for culture media tubes

  • Aluminum screw cap lined /lined-screw-cap

    Lined Screw Cap

    Aluminum screw cap lined with a butyle rubber seal...