EMA Pharmaceuticals provides a large range of seals, each of which conform to the pharmaceutical container standards. Next to the standard designs, which are listed below, EMA Pharma develops specific seals according to the customer’s needs and requirements.

Combined aluminum/plastic caps

Push-Off caps combine an alimunium cap with a polypropylene lid.

The   different   Push-Off   caps   designs   are   available   in   different   diameters   with   a
large choice of colors of aluminum and polypropylene parts.

There is a variety of advantages for the use of this product range :

  • Increased Tamper Evidence
  • Increased Ease of use
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Enhanced Product Differentiation and Protection against Counterfeiting

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Lined screw cap for culture media tubes

Lined screw cap consists of an aluminium cap lined with a buttyle rubber seal for culture media tubes. This cap is intended for culture media tubes and is available in 4 different colors.

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SMARTSEAL is an R&D project. 
This type of cap is an RFID-tagged cap for easy track & trace, serialization, reconciliation and anti-counterfeiting of the individual container through RFID technology.

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Aluminum screw caps (PFP/ROPP) for sealing bottles and flasks in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industry, made from lithographed aluminium sheets, customisable in any colour and with logo; available in various formats with EPE, Saranex, Sarangasket and PVC based compound.

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Miniature aluminum screw caps (PFP/ROPP) for the closure of miniature bottles and bottles in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries, customisable in any colour and with any logo; available with EPE, Saranex, Saran gaskets.

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Aluminum covers, obtained from aluminium sheets, suitable for coating synthetic T.caps and plastic screw caps; available in various diameters and heights, customizable with any logo, colour and chromatic effect.

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The D.20 mm caps for chromatography are produced in aluminum and tinplate, to be magnetic; suitable for the print industry, for analysis and related laboratorys; available in various colours. Also availabe only in tinplate.

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