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Company presentation

EMA Pharmaceuticals is a leading European manufacturer of Aluminum Crimp Caps and combined Polypropylene – Aluminum “Push-Off”-Seals for Pharmaceutical Containers.

Since 1930, EMA Pharmaceuticals has been completely dedicated to the development and production of sealing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. 

As a partner of Confidence, EMA Pharmaceuticals serves over 180 production sites of injectable medicine worldwide with high-end seals. 

Among the growing community of customers we count the whole spectrum of pharmaceutical filling sites; from R&D labs and Biotechs to leading Pharmaceutical companies for human and animal health.

We’re proud of our management structure that delivers quick and efficient decisions. EMA’s company culture values societal and environmental responsibility, fostering individual end group initiatives, agility and  continuous improvement.

EMA Pharmaceuticals invests heavily in its Lailly-en-Val facility (near Orleans, center of France) ; in talents, equipments and processes, with the aim to maximize customer satisfaction through the delivery of state-of-the-art products and services.



  • 1930
    Inception of E.M.A. (Emboutissage Métallique Appliquée) at Saint Cloud (Paris). Manufacturing of aluminum seals for various industrial applications.

  • 1950
    Development of Aluminum Crimp Caps for pharmaceutical containers (injection vials, infusion bottles, cartridges, etc.).

  • 1974
    Introduction of the « Push-Off » product range ; Manufacturing of combined Aluminum/ Polypropylene caps.

  • 1987
    Transfer of the production facility from Saint Cloud (Paris) to Lailly en Val (Orleans) to improve the production layout.

  • 2003
    First ISO 9001 certification.

  • 2006
    The company is renamed EMA Pharmaceuticals. The production becomes solely focused on seals for pharmaceutical applications.

  • 2009
    Registration of a type III DMF for the Push-Off product range at the US-FDA.

  • 2010
    participation in H1N1 anti-pandemic effort

  • 2011
    Introduction of Clean Room technique, for the assembling of the « Push-Off » product range.

  • 2013
    Launch of EMA CLEAN-CAPS, ensuring a low level of microbiological and particulate contamination before sterilization.

  • 2015
    ISO 15378 certification, including GMPs for primary pharma packaging materials

  • 2019
    Registration of a DMF for the Push-Off product range at the China-FDA

  • 2020
    Participation in the global effort against COVID

  • 2020
    Celebration of company’s 90th birthday

  • 2021
    Introduction of new Logo and Website



Mission, Vision & Values

EMA Pharmaceutical’s mission is to develop and provide sealing solutions for pharmaceutical containers.
Our aim is to ensure the safe finishing of the sterile product by providing pharmaceutical production sites with most reliable high quality seals, which are designed, manufactured and processed according to the most demanding standards and requirements.
As a very specialized company in the field of pharmaceutical packaging, EMA Pharmaceuticals has developed a strong company culture, based on :

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Partner of Confidence

Capitalizing on almost a century of experience, EMA Pharmaceuticals has become a leading expert in the manufacturing of sealing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

As a reliable long-term supplier of the parts of the closure system, ensuring the integrity of the sterile product (EU GMP, annex 1), EMA Pharmaceuticals has become a partner of confidence to its customer base.

More than 100 manufacturers of injectable medicine – among them the majority of the Top 12 Big Pharma Companies - rely on our knowledge; a community of customers which is steadily growing, varying from Biotech companies, small researching labs to leading Big Pharma.

This confidence is gained by our ability to build strong partnerships with our customers, combining GMP and pharma-procedures with a resolute customer service approach. 

Our culture of continuous improvement of human and technical resources helps us provide our customers with steadily enhanced products and services, assuring the safety and security of their final product.