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    Our aim is to be best in class in terms of service and reliability among the global suppliers of crimping solutions for pharmaceutical applications. Agility, expertise, team-spirit and the fierce motivation to exceed customer expectations are our DNA, helping us to achieve this goal.

    Eric Lebossé de Lannoy, Partner & COO


About Ema Pharma

A guarantee of quality

Our expertise and the know-how that we have acquired and accumulated, in 90 years of experience, combined with modern equipment, advanced production techniques.

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Our products

EMA Pharmaceuticals provides a large range of seals, each of which conform to the pharmaceutical container standards.

The different cap designs are available with a large choice of colors of aluminum and polypropylene parts.

The materials used are of pharmaceutical grade, FDA and food contact approved. They are suitable for sterilization by steam, irradiation, ethylene oxide or hydrogen-peroxide.

Next to the standard designs, which are listed beside, EMA Pharmaceuticals develops specific seals according to the customer’s needs and requirements.

Aluminum Caps


Combined aluminum/plastic caps

Push-Off caps combine an alimunium cap with a polypropylene lid.
There is a variety of advantages for the use of this product range:

Increased Tamper Evidence

Once you have pushed off the plastic lid, you cannot put it back into place. Therefore, it becomes evident to the consumer that the product has already been manipulated and its integrity violated.

Increased Ease of use

EMA pharmaceuticals controls and ensures a specified “Push-Off force” of the polypropylene lid, making it easy for the consumer to open the product properly.

combined aluminum / plastic
combined aluminum / plastic caps

Enhanced Safety

Is assured on many levels;
Safety against microbiological or particulate contamination due to an enhanced protection of the injection site.
Enhanced safety against product mix-up due to a customized and recognizable product design.

Enhanced Product Differentiation and Protection against Counterfeiting

Push-Off caps help customize your product. It becomes distinctive, more visible and easily recognizable on the shelf.
Push-Off cap lids are provided in different shapes and dimensions, in a large variety of colors and they are able to be printed on.
This large choice of product customization makes your product unique and protects it against counterfeiting.


Lined screw cap for culture media tubes

Aluminum screw cap lined with a butyle rubber seal.
Available in 4 colors.



SMARTSEAL is an RFID-tagged cap for easy track & trace, serialization, reconciliation and anti-counterfeiting of the individual container through RFID technology.

SMARTSEAL allows fast and effective inventory control, facilitates product recalls and enhances ultimately patent safety. Contact your EMA account manager to learn more.



Our Commitment

Company Philosophy and Management Commitment

“Our expertise and know-how, accumulated during more than 80 years of experience, combined with modern machinery, clean room and state-of-the-art production techniques as well as the regular training of our team, reflect our strong commitment to highest quality standards and the strict requirements to pharmaceutical packaging components.

Our approach of permanent improvement leads us to always go further in the improvement of the global quality of our processes and products, notably by continuously improving our means to control and master potential particulate- and bioburden contamination at each step of our production process.

Our approach of a strict quality commitment and of continuous improvement aims not only to meet, but to anticipate and exceed customer requirements and therefore achieve our global goal of entire customer satisfaction.” 

Mr Olivier PAUL, Managing Director

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EMA Pharmaceuticals provides a large range of seals, each of which conform to the pharmaceutical container standards.