The Safe Finishing of your Sterile Product


1930 Inception of E.M.A. (Emboutissage Métallique Appliquée) at Saint Cloud (Paris).
Manufacturing of aluminum seals for various industrial applications.
1950 Development of Aluminum Crimp Caps for pharmaceutical containers (injection vials, infusion bottles, cartridges, etc.)
1974 Introduction of the « Push-Off » product range;
Manufacturing of combined Aluminum/ Polypropylene caps.
1987 Transfer of the production facility from Saint Cloud (Paris) to Lailly en Val (Orleans) to improve the production layout.
2003 First ISO 9001 certification.
2006 The company is renamed EMA Pharmaceuticals.
The production becomes solely focused on seals for pharmaceutical applications.
2008 Enhancement of QA lab equipment, introduction of laminar flow equipment in production
2009 Registration of a type III DMF for the Push-Off product range at the FDA.
2011 Introduction of Clean Room technique, for the assembling of the « Push-Off » product range.
2013 Launch of EMA CLEAN-CERTIFIED CAPS, ensuring a low level of microbiological and particulate contamination before sterilization.